Paying your bill / Bill payment

Bill Payment

Life is easier when you don't have to worry about your bills


Paying your bills by direct debit is the easiest way of not having to think about them and you can do so directly via our Virtual Office. Once you've done it, you can stop worrying about them.

Pay your bills by direct debit

But if you prefer to pay them personally every month, then you can pay outstanding bills easily and securely on this page, thus avoiding the problems of non-payment.

You can make the payment via the CaixaBankNow website, by credit card (Visa/Mastercard) or by debit card. You don’t need to be a CaixaBank customer, nor a CaixaBankNow user, but we guarantee a secure and accessible channel for payment.

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Pago online - Epígrafe teléfono

You can also pay by card over the phone if you call our customer service hotline: 900 717 717