12 Gotas (fixed monthly quota)

12 Drops(Fixed Monthly Quota)

Fixed Monthly Quota

What is 12 Drops?

We now offer a flat rate for you water supply where you pay the same amount each month for 12 months, after which we settle up any differences. We propose a monthly quota based on your previous bills, which we adjust once a year.

12 Drops does not mean you have to change the terms of your contract. We’ll continue to send your bills with the same information on your real consumption and spending as we have done up to now.

You can switch to the 12 Drops payment system for free at any time and whatever your tariff, and return your previous method of payment whenever you like.

Contract 12 Drops

12 drops questions

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What are the advantages?

  • Better planning of monthly family expenses with no unpleasant surprises
  • You choose the day of the month when you want to pay your monthly quota
  • Split payments. If after adjustment you have to pay 30% more than the estimated amount, you’ll have three free months at no additional charge in which to settle.

What are the requirements?

  • Payment by direct debit
  • We require a minimum of one real reading a year from your meter
  • You must have no unpaid invoices
  • Supply contract for longer than one year

How do I contract it?

  • Enter the Customer Services Area (you’ll need to register first if you are not a user).
  • You can also contract it via the customer services hotline or at our offices.