Management systems and certificates

Política de gestión integrada (Genérica)

Our Integrated Management System


Management systems are designed to bring about continuous improvement in the organisation. Management systems allow the company to develop and establish best practices in all its activities. Errors are minimised, resources optimised and safer practices are developed. The company can improve its environmental, energy and food security practices every day.

Aguas de Alicante has developed a management system that brings together all certified systems in one model. The aim is to create an integrated system that encompasses all activities and processes to improve customer service, service management, request and incident response time, and the company's relations and processes. The scope of each system is seen in the valid certification presented below.

Our management system is based on compliance with the  Integrated Management Policy. Two other policies complement this: the  Occupational Health and Safety Policy and the Sustainable Development Policy.

We have obtained certificates aligned to our efforts in providing a quality service and creating a safe, optimum working environment for our employees:

Quality Management System certification (ISO 9001) ISO 9001 certification
Environmental Management System certification (ISO 14001) sello ISO 14001
Energy Management System certification (ISO 50001) sello ISO 50001
Food Safety Management System certification (ISO 22000)  sello ISO 22000
Business Continuity Management system certification (ISO 22301)  
Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification (ISO 45001) sello ISO 45001
Family-responsible Company (EFR) certification sello efr
Accreditation of the integral cycle laboratory and the process laboratories of Rincon de León and Monte Orgegia Water Treatment Plants, according to ISO 17025, by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) sello ENAC ISO 17025
Accreditation of organisations that inspect the control of sewer system discharge, according to ISO 17020:2012 from the National Accreditation Agency (ENAC)         sello ENAC ISO 17020:2012

Carbon footprint verification according to ISO 14064

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