Video-interpreting service in Spanish sign language


SVIsual is the first video-interpreting service in Spanish sign language to exist in Spain. The Fundación CNSE para la Supresión de las Barreras de Comunicación (CNSE Foundation for the Elimination of Barriers to Communication), in conjunction with the Confederación Estatal de Personas Sordas (Spanish Confederation of the Deaf, CNSE), has invested in the strategic use of new technologies to help communication to ensure people with hearing disabilities have the same access to information as other members of the public.

Aguas de Alicante provides the SVIsual service for the deaf in its offices. Thus, when a customer requires a sign language translation to carry out their transactions in our offices, a video conference call is placed with a qualified person from Fesord, Federación de personas Sordas de la Comunidad Valenciana (Community of Valencia Federation of the Deaf), who then provides real-time translation.

This is made possible thanks to an agreement with Fesord, an organisation that works to eliminate barriers to communication for deaf people.


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