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Public Innovation Procurement (PIP)


What is the Innovation Procurement?


Public Innovation Procurement is an administrative action to promote innovation aimed at enhancing the development of innovative solutions from the demand side, through the instrument of public procurement.

The implementation of Public Innovation Procurement can generate the following benefits:

  • Development of the local technological fabric: local companies can be involved in the purchasing process, especially those with an innovative orientation.
  • Attraction of investment: purchasing encourages companies to participate and commit investments at a local level.
  • Change in the culture of the public sector: it is sought that innovation is integrated into the daily dynamics of the public sector.
  • Acquisition of goods and services: purchasing is focused on covering the needs of the administration at the best cost/benefit.
  • Innovation in the public sector: procurement seeks to incorporate innovations that improve service provision, even though they might involve a higher initial cost.

Types of Innovation Procurement

There are three types of Public Innovation Procurement:

  • Pre-commercial Public Procurement (PCP)

    Hiring of R&D services focused on covering the needs of the Administration that is hiring. This is a type of CPI excluded from the application of the Public Sector Contracts Law.

    Type of contract

    Public Purchase of R&D Processes

    Buyer and awarded bidders share the risks and benefits resulting from the investigation of solutions to problems proposed by the public tenderer.

    Contracting procedure

    R&D Services Contract

    Not subject to the general regime of the Spanish LCSP (Public Sector Procurement Law) with exclusion of Article. 8 LCSP

  • Public Purchase of Innovative Solutions (PPI)

    Purchase of a good or service that does not exist but that can be developed in a reasonable time since the technology is in a degree of development that allows it. Use the usual contracting procedures.

    Type of contract

    Public Purchase of Goods or Services close to the market, ready to provide public service

    The tenderer acquires goods and services for the provision of a public service that do not exist on the market and require a prior stage of R&D

    Contracting procedure

    Contracts to be awarded through ordinary Spanish LCSP (Public Sector Procurement Law) procedures

  • Partnership for Innovation

    Procurement procedure included in the law that allows to concatenate a R&D phase with a subsequent supply phase.

    Type of contract

    Public purchase of an R&D service and subsequent acquisition of the result

    The tenderer acquires an R&D service and its possible results through a subsequent contract for deployment under a single procedure

    Contracting procedure

    Selection procedure regulated in the LCSP (Spanish Public Sector Procurement Law) - Arts. 177 and ff.


Preliminary Market Consultations



A Preliminary Market Consultation is an open call in which any physical or legal entity with the capacity to contribute innovative ideas aimed at responding to a series of challenges or needs that have been previously identified by the convening Administration can participate. This is done through the use of technologies that go beyond those currently available on the market.

The proposals collected will be used to determine the state of the art, specifying the degree of innovation required, as well as to evaluate the capacities of the market and define the technical and functional specifications of the solutions sought. These proposals must be feasible, in order to be able to carry out a possible public procurement procedure later, in particular, in our case, through the Public Purchase of Innovation.

The aim of this type of procedure is to receive solutions that help to resolve the challenges of action that have been defined.


Active Preliminary Market Consultations

Proposal submission form

AMAEM preliminary market consultation for innovative solutions in field of water, circular economy and sustainability

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