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Transparency, the key to good water management


Transparent management is a key element for any company, and in our case it is an essential obligation which we are perfectly happy to meet. Below are some of Aguas de Alicante's actions, indicators and main data for year 2021:

  • Technical figures

    Municipalities and towns supplied 6
    Total population supplied 492,101
    Floating population supplied 670,372
    Customers supplied 297,179
    km of network 2,059
    Municipalities and towns supplied 3
    Populated served 370,167
    km of network 803,83
    Hm3 treated 28,94
    Hmreused 9,43
  • Projects and investment in civil infrastructure

    Investment in sewer network and reclaimed water infrastructure €3,394,792.69
    Investment in drinking water network infrastructure €2,675,372.39
    Preparation of environmental projects €43.550.654,87


  • Energy and climate change

    Cogeneration of electric energy: In 2021, cogeneration at the Rincón de León WWTP reached 1,485,125 kWh.

  • Figures on people

    Gender Staff %
    Men 243 72%
    Women 96 28%
    Total 339  
  • Economic figures

    Figure 2020 2021 Variation
    Operating income 78,321,550 80,544,557 2.84%
    Net result 6,910,670 6,345,896 -8.17%
  • Support schemes

    In 2021 Aguas de Alicante has significantly increased its Support Scheme by allocating €1,153,686.80 (of which €1,001,120.30 has been offset) aimed at alleviating the serious economic situation of individuals and/or family units and certain groups especially affected due to the situation of economic-health crisis, also taking into account the circumstances of their personal and family situation. In total, 2,751 supply points have benefited.
  • Wastewater treatment

    • Treated water: 28.94 Hm3
    • Reused water: 9.43 Hm3
    • Sludge from wastewater treatmend reused: 29.29 Tm
  • Treated wastewater reuse

    • Current length of the reused water network in Alicante: 79.3 km.
    • A total of 83% of Alicante's green areas are irrigated with reclaimed water.
    • Aguas de Alicante also utilises non-drinkable groundwater for irrigation of landscaped green areas, street cleaning, and other uses that do not require quality water.
    • In 2021, the use of these alternative sources saved 9,433,982 m3 of drinking water.


You can find more information in our Sustainable Development Report