Construction and project

Obras y proyectos

Improving infrastructures

Planning and innovation

The considerable urban expansion of Alicante and its metropolitan area, together with local climate and topographic conditions, make continuous planning and innovation in plans and techniques vital to guarantee the service.
The company has a Special Investment Plan in which fifty-five million euros are allocated to major infrastructure works for drinking water and sewer networks.

Drinking water

The Special Investment Plan includes various activities to meet demand in scattered areas, by strengthening water pipes and increasing the capacity of storage tanks, as well as providing a second, alternative supply for the city from the tanks of the Canales del Taibilla Municipal Association in Rabasa.


We have renewed the sewer network and implemented the Emergency Flood Prevention Plan for Alicante, which is comprised of large collector sewers to remove rainwater and large anti-CSO tanks.
Notable actions undertaken as part of the Special Investment Plan include the Cros-San Gabriel (José Manuel Obrero) anti-CSO tank, the floodable urban park 'La Marjal' and the renewal of several sections of the main Alicante collector sewer in the city centre.

  • Cros-San Gabriel (José Manuel Obrero) anti-CSO tank

    Work on this anti-CSO (combined sewer overflow) tank began in 2009. It is situated in the San Gabriel neighbourhood under the Juan Antonio Samaranch sports centre.

    With this new tank, a maximum volume of 60,000 cubic metres of rainwater can be stored. The tank significantly improves the overflow problems in this area of the city (San Gabriel) that occur in rainy periods. At the same time, it reduces the amount of discharge into the sea.

    Cros-San Gabriel (José Manuel Obrero) anti-CSO tank

    On 10 April 2013, this infrastructure was dedicated to the memory of the engineer José Manuel Obrero Díez in recognition of his contribution to the design and execution of the project and his professional work, dedication and contribution to improving the water infrastructure in Alicante.

  • La Marjal, a floodable urban park

    This work is of a marked social nature and was designed to solve the problem of flooding in an area of Playa de San Juan in Alicante. The park also acts as a new green lung for the city.

    The construction of this park along with two large collector sewers in avenues Conrado Albadalejo and Pintor Perez Gil has solved the problem to a great extent. The park acts as a retention tank to temporarily store the accumulated volume of rainwater. At the same time, it functions as a recreational area for people's leisure activities. It has a unique form and landscape that distinguish it from the rest of the surrounding green areas.

    parque inundable la marjal alicante

    Due to its innovative nature and respect for biodiversity, this work has received various awards nationally and internationally.

  • Renewal of the main collector sewer in the centre of Alicante

    This action was undertaken to ensure the safety of people and buildings in the affected area and improve the elimination of water, with full environmental guarantees. The affected area runs from Avenida Alfonso El Sabio to Calle Gerona and from Plaza Calvo Sotelo to Rambla Méndez Núñez. During planning of the works, a group was formed with representatives of shopkeepers, affected residents, local authorities and technical staff from Aguas de Alicante to create a schedule that would minimise the duration of the works and any disturbances caused by them

    calle castaños alicante

    The works also included reurbanisation of the affected streets, with renewal of the pedestrian pavement and improvement in the drinking water network, lighting and irrigation, among other services.