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Get connected to the water and/or sewage distribution networks

Steps to request a water connection


A water connection is the set of fittings, pipes and conduits that allow a property, dwelling, building, establishment or industrial unit to be connected to the water supply and/or drainage network. Normally, the developer or the builder will be in charge of submitting the water connection request.

In order to contract the supply from Aguas de Alicante, it is essential to have water connection and a designated discharge point.

  • The water connection request must be submitted by the holder of the building permit, who must present their ID (D.N.I./N.I.F.). In case a delegation is applying, the authorised person must provide an authorisation signed by the holder and a photocopy of both parties’ ID (D.N.I).
  • C.I.F. If it is a legal entity, the person requesting the formalisation of the contract of supply must be the legal representative accredited through powers of representation; if the person making the request were not the legal representative, they must provide an authorisation on their behalf, signed and stamped by said representative together with a photocopy of both parties’ ID (D.N.I).
  • Presenting a document proving ownership and/or connection to the land or building under construction is a requirement.


  • Requirements for processing with a building permit


    • To be in possession of a building permit. In some towns, it is necessary to request a report of connections. Here’s the form needed to carry out this process: Application form for connection report prior to the major work license (for Sant Joan d'Alacant, Campello and San Vicente del Raspeig)
    • Location, basement (if any), ground floor, standard floor and enclosed section plans.
    • Enclosed plumbing and/or drainage plan indicating the exact location of the connections to be made
    • Indoor installation project specifying: Hydraulic calculations that justify drinking water installations (flow rate calculation, applying UNE’s simultaneity factor, capacity of tanks to be installed in the case pressure tanks are needed, etc.).
    • Fill in the following water connection form and attach the documentation indicated above or submit it in person at our headquarters


    IMPORTANT: If the promotion were to take place in the city of Alicante, you must fill in the application to obtain the annex plans and include them together with the water connection request.



    Water connection request

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  • Requirements for processing without a building permit 

    In the absence of major construction work, water connections may be requested in existing buildings that have obtained the first certificate of occupancy. The requirements for the different uses are indicated below:

    Drinking water connection

    Drainage connection

    • Certificate of habitability or certificate of use
    • The building’s site plans
    • Location plans indicating the requested water connection
    • Drinking water supply bill linked to the requested service

    Reclaimed water connection

    • The building’s site plans
    • Location plans indicating the requested water connection
    • Installator’s certificate confirming there are two separate independent installations (one for drinking water and another one for reclaimed water).
    • Drinking water supply bill linked to the requested service

    Water connection for fire emergencies

    • The building’s site plan
    • Location plan indicating the requested water connection
    • Signed fire request connection form
    • Drinking water supply bill linked to the requested service


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Information to be considered

We provide you with all the necessary information and reports required to prepare your project: 
•    Ewise 
•    Request for technical reports
•    Technical documents