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If you believe that your complaint has not satisfactorily been resolved, you have the right to use arbitration.

Arbitration is a procedure for the extrajudicial settlement of conflicts in the scope of consumption that becomes due when opposing parties are unable to come to an agreement and use arbitral tribunal for the resolution of differences. In this case, both parties agree to comply with the resolution ordered by the court. Complaints between consumers and service providers, solved by arbitration consumption, are managed by Alicante City Council Consumer Arbitration Board. It is indeed a free system and a faster one than the judicial claim.

For arbitration, it is required to have filed a previous complaint to the company and obtain an answer. If said answer is considered unsatisfactory you have the right to use company’s Customer Counsel or to go to Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC) of your town or Alicante City Council Consumer Arbitration Board and demand arbitration.