Local initiatives


Centenary Companies Club

Aguas de Alicante has been a member of the Centenary Companies Club of the Province of Alicante since its foundation on 8 July 2019. This club was created as an initiative of two Protector Members: the Alicante Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Family Businesses of Alicante with the aim of carrying out a census of centenary companies in the province of Alicante, finding out about the factors that have contributed to their longevity and disseminating these examples of good practice and business success among society. 

Social initiative

Institutional Chair 'Aguas de Alicante for Social Inclusion'

The University of Alicante, Aguas de Alicante and the Alicante Association for People with Mental Disabilities (APSA) created the Institutional Chair 'Aguas de Alicante for Social Inclusion'at the University of Alicante. This is an innovative chair designed to become a centre for reflection, debate and research in the field of social inclusion.


Find out more about the Chair of Social Inclusion

Environmental initiative

Agreement with Miguel Hernández University for research into sludge composting

The aim of this project is to optimise the processes of managing urban waste from seaweed and sea wrack through low-cost sustainable management strategies. The product could be reused in the maintenance of parks and gardens in the municipality, to partially replace the consumables that are currently purchased. This would have a positive environmental impact on the recycling of organic waste.

Environmental initiative

Collaboration agreement with the University of Alicante to monitor migratory birds in Tabarca

In 2017, Aguas de Alicante signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Alicante to monitor migratory birds in Tabarca. Environmental volunteers are needed to carry out the study. Participants will include Aguas de Alicante employees and volunteers from other groups.

Environmental initiative

Recovery of fauna in the operation of emptying the La Marjal Park

After the torrential rains in Alicante in March 2017, major clean-up work was needed in the La Marjal Park so that it could be used by people again.

To ensure the ecological recovery of the park (which had an excellent ecological balance before the torrential rains), Aguas de Alicante selectively removed species prior to cleaning. This allowed the ecological balance to be recovered quickly after the work.

Environmental initiative

Repopulating Mount Orgegia, Moralet and Petrer on Arbour Day

On 23 February 2017, over a thousand trees were planted in Mont Orgegia, Moralet and Petrer on Arbour Day. The activity was organised by Alicante City Council, the Environmental Councillor, Aguas de Alicante, the voluntary group GEA Alicante and a scout group.

Environmental initiative

Improve insulation for high-voltage cables in certain explorations, to prevent electrocution of birds

Aguas de Alicante undertakes actions to protect biodiversity and maintain natural sites. Activities include preventing bird electrocution in the wildlife protection area where explorations are undertaken in the Sierra de las Águilas, San Juan and San Agustín.