Sewer system discharges

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Sewer system discharges

Monitoring of the quality of water discharged into the sewer system


Monitoring of wastewater discharged into the sewer system is a vital practice, not only for the operation of the system itself, but also for the municipal management of the municipality and its environment.

 Aguas de Alicante has established an integrated monitoring system based on the administration of an industrial register, in which the environmental hazards of all industrial establishments in the municipality are recorded. In addition to the usual sewer system controls, this enables us to monitor industrial discharge that is identified as a risk.

Aguas de Alicante has a discharge control body for environmental inspection, accredited by the Spanish National Accreditation Agency (ENAC), according to standard ISO 17020 since 2012. It was the first water cycle management company in the Community of Valencia to obtain this accreditation and the second in Spain. The accreditation recognises that the discharge control body has the capacity and category to carry out industrial inspections and take samples, according to the most exacting standards.

In July 2013, the Aguas de Alicante water inspection body was registered as a Collaborating Entity for Environmental Quality by the Regional Government of Valencia.


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