Sustainable development report

Informe de desarrollo sostenible

Sustainable Development Report

People serving people

The Sustainable Development Report 2018 is the tenth that we have produced annually since 2009. There have been many changes since the first report, and we want to continue to share them with our stakeholders, including all the people and entities to which Aguas de Alicante is connected. We hope to demonstrate that Aguas de Alicante is a company that is sensitive to all its stakeholders, and to express with increasing clarity and precision the spirit of public service that has always been at the centre of our activity.

The Sustainable Development Report 2018 has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards, "comprehensive" version, and constitutes a complete, balanced and reasonable presentation of the economic, environmental and social performance of Aguas de Alicante. This information is audited by an external entity that is a world leader in auditing social responsibility reports.

In the Sustainable Development Report 2018, there are several milestones to highlight, such as the company's commitment to energy efficiency. It stands out in the field of energy efficiency that the global electricity purchases of the organization in 2018 have been reduced by 3.1% compared to 2017, with a special impact on the offices, pumping of the WWTPs, and the plant of the WWTP Rincon de León, which stands out for a 15.95% reduction. We have invested in infrastructure for the drinking water, sewer and reclaimed water networks at a cost of over 3.7 million euros and have drawn up environmental projects for execution in the near future, for a value of over 11 million euros.

Our Board of Directors has increased funds for support schemes designed to alleviate the serious economic situations of some people and/or family units. The annual provision was increased by 14% to €513,000 in 2018.

The new paradigms require an innovative focus to put people at the centre of our management. At Aguas de Alicante, we are people who serve people.