Sustainable development report

Informe de desarrollo sostenible

Sustainable Development Report

People serving people

The Sustainable Development Report 2019  is made in a complex context, and shows the basis of how the Company continues and will continue to advance and provide service in spite of the economic, environmental, social and health circumstances and crises that our society is going through. The current context reminds us that the service this company provides is critical and vital for the citizens. And today, more than ever, as in any of the most exceptional situations that Aguas de Alicante has experienced throughout its more than 120 years of history, we continue to move forward, improving our services in terms of quality and sustainability, joining in the digital transformation and responding to the changing challenges that society and the circumstances mark out for us.

With this report, we want to reflect our company's contribution to sustainable development in 2019. The report shows the commitment we have made to integrating sustainable development into the core of our business, with a strategic plan for 2017-2021, the REwater Global Plan, which is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations' Agenda 2030. Through this plan we express our commitment to the fight against climate change, the preservation of and access to water, energy self-sufficiency, the protection of biodiversity and social advances in equity and health, in addition to innovation and alliances as transversal commitments.

Our plan focuses on three approaches:

  • Strengthening of alliances and promotion of social actions,
  • Development of sustainable solutions aimed at combating climate change, the circular economy and the protection of biodiversity,
  • Contribution to the ODS from the contribution we make in our activities and the empowerment of those that are beneficial to our Relationship Groups.

This report sets out our objectives and the actions carried out, as a tangible contribution to our commitment to economic, environmental and social development and to our relationship groups.

It has been 11 years since we prepared and published this Sustainable Development Report on Aguas de Alicante, as an exercise in transparency and accountability, guaranteeing the reliability of the information made available to society as a whole.

On an environmental level, We would highlight the commitment to renewable energy consumption and energy efficiency. All the energy consumed by Aguas de Alicante comes from renewable energy sources. The energy management system and the verification of the carbon footprint calculation are tools that help us to better control and monitor it.

Also in the environmental field, we would highlight the efficient management of wastewater treatment and the development of circular and regenerative economies, which involve the search for zero waste, such as the use of regenerated water for different uses and the recovery of 100% of the treatment sludge. As well as the commitment to biodiversity through the naturalisation and elimination of phytosanitary products and pesticides in our installations, and the development of an action protocol against invasive exotic species. In this way, in addition to continuously improving service, our facilities seek to protect biodiversity and improve the environment in which we live.

We would also like to highlight the investment in water infrastructure worth nearly EUR 6 million, with the consequent positive economic impact on local economies, generating 362 jobs created through 45 contractors and/or subcontractors. At the social level, in 2019, our Board of Directors has extended the allocation to the Social Fund aimed at vulnerable individuals and families, increasing the annual allocation to 513,000 euros. This amount has increased almost sevenfold since 2011.

Many activities have been developed, especially in relation to the promotion of equity, environmental education, and occupational health and safety. Activities such as the World Tree Day and the Environment Day, volunteer work in beach cleaning, or the implementation of active ageing programmes, and multiple activities aimed at citizens, which represent an example of the collective effort we make for continuous improvement in all areas of the Company and the society in which we operate.