Visits to our facilities

Eventos de los centros

Guided tours at our facilities

Aguas de Alicante, as part of its philosophy of transparency and connecting with society, provides a free activity guide for you to get to know us better.

On the guided visits to our facilities you can learn about the history of the water supply, daily activity in our supply system, and the latest technologies and innovations used in managing the complete water cycle and protecting the environment.

See below for all the facilities available and full details on the objective and public for each.

Proposed activities:

El Museo del Agua "M2A"

The difficulties involved in supplying water to a city is one of the great mysteries for the public to discover. Learning at first-hand about the past, present and future of the water supply in the city helps the public to place greater value on progress and changes in its management through new technologies and human resources.

La Sala que todo lo ve "Telemando"

The remote control system in the facilities gives a real-time overview of what is happening at each point in the network (such as valve positions, tank levels, flows and pressures). In the event of an incident, a series of alarms are generated that are dealt with by the operational control centre, situated in the Aguas de Alicante offices.


El laboratorio del agua

Our lab has a highly qualified, widely experienced team, which, added to the most advanced technology, ensures that the legally established requirements and technical demands for water, sludge, sediment and waste quality are met. Learn at first-hand about all the processes that allow us to be completely sure about the quality of the water we supply.

Parque Inundable La Marjal

The La Marjal Park is an infrastructure that not only solves the problem of flooding caused by torrential rains in Alicante, but also provides a leisure space to discover the local flora and fauna of the floodplains of the Mediterranean basin, traditional agriculture and typical Alicante mountain vegetation. During your visit you’ll learn all about this international award-winning landscaped park that protects the environment and its biodiversity.