Indoor community installations

Instalaciones interiores comunitarias

Indoor community installations

Maintenance and good use

It is important to identify where the responsibilities of the water service and municipal sewer system end and the obligations of owners begin. This is why it is essential to know what elements of the drinking water installations and sewer system are considered public and which are in the private part of the building receiving the service.

Building installations that are part of the indoor drinking water system are all those inside the building's enclosure wall and, in the case of drains and sewers, up to the connection with the sewer network.

In terms of their basic features, design, construction and maintenance, they must comply with provisions in the applicable legislation (Spanish technical building code, municipal by-laws, etc.).

The correct use and maintenance of indoor installations is the responsibility of the owners, whether they are private individuals, companies or residents’ associations.

  • Obligations as a customer

    • If tanks and pumping devices are available, they should be kept in good condition and maintained regularly.
    • Non-return valves must be fitted after the meter to prevent water returning to the water network from the dwelling.
    • They must have a siphon trap in a shared area of the property and as close as possible to its boundaries for the output of wastewater, preventing the entrance of smells and small animals and facilitating cleaning of the connection.
    • All the plumbing parts must meet the provisions in current legislation for drinking water and must be adapted for transport and storage.
    • If there are various systems (irrigation, fire-fighting, etc.), these should not be connected together as this could be a health risk. Anti-return systems must be installed.

Bad maintenance or inappropriate use of the indoor installations could lead to leaks or faults that affect water quality and lead to loss of a scarce resource, as well as blockages in the removal of wastewater or damage to other facilities in the property or in individual assets.

Indoor community installation