Our Strategic Plan

Plan Estratégico Aguas de Alicante

Aguas de Alicante Strategic Plan 2022-2027


Aguas de Alicante has presented its Strategic Plan for the coming years. The philosophy behind this new Plan is solidly based on values such as responsibility, trust, service, capacity, experience, conviction and presence. A shared Plan that has not been conceived as something isolated, but as a source of value integrated into the immediate development of the municipalities that we have known, valued and supported practically since our foundation. A strategic plan that combines ambition with practicality and is configured around real initiatives that are truly relevant for the future of the municipalities.

A plan developed through active listening and knowledge of the opinion, experience and needs of a careful selection of strategic actors linked, in one way or another, to Aguas de Alicante; businessmen, institutions, citizens, associations, etc. Because only by listening to them could we answer a series of crucial questions for our present and our future.

This path has not only allowed us to set a series of specific objectives to be achieved over the next five years. It also allowed us to become aware of the values that have made us what we are. And to be able to summarise in two words the commitment that Aguas de Alicante makes to its environment. These two words sum up the spirit on which this new Strategic Plan has been built: WE ARE HERE.


Read here the Strategic Plan 2022-2027