Water reuser

Reutilización (genérico tabla)

Reclaimed water

Drinking water savings


Reclamation provides water for secondary uses such as irrigation of parks and gardens, washing down streets and agricultural irrigation. For these uses, non-drinkable water can be used. Reclaimed water is ideal for irrigation of parks and gardens and washing down streets. By reusing water, we can save drinking water for human consumption only.

Our aim is to make the best use of a resource as important as water. Hence, some of the treated water from Alicante WWTPs is reused. This treated water is used beneficially, which is essential, as water is a scarce resource.


Main uses of reclaimed water

Agricultural use 8,290,000 m3 / year
Uses other than agriculture 1,130,000 m3 / year
Urban use 725,000 m3/ year
Recreational use 375,000 m3/ year
Street cleaning 21,000 m3/year
Environmental use 7,000 m3/ year