Drinking water treatment

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The drinking water treatment process

To make the water drinkable that is supplied to the population by Aguas Municipalizadas de Alicante, chlorine is used as a disinfectant. Water that is received from the Canales del Taibilla Municipal Association has been treated with this product, whereas groundwater is chlorinated in a centre in Alto Vinalopó. The centre has the capacity and autonomy to process the volume of water supplied to all the municipalities that it manages for three months without needing fresh supplies. Hence, it is extremely stable and can provide the full health guarantees that are required for the supply.

Groundwater chlorination centre in the district of Alto Vinalopó


The chlorination centre has a storage capacity of 4,000 kg of chlorine liquefied by pressure, distributed in various containers. It has a neutralisation system to avoid harm to people and the environment if there is an accidental chlorine leak. All of the essential circuits and pipes for the process are duplicated, which means that maintenance work can be undertaken and water disinfection guaranteed under any adverse situations. The centre is monitored and controlled by the control room that Aguas Municipalizadas de Alicante has for its general management of the entire system. 

Diagram of the chlorination system
You can check the water purification processes in your municipality on the SINAC (National Drinking Water Information System) website